A statue has become a shelter of warmth for the homeless people in a South Carolina town. Generous residents are leaving coats, gloves, scarves, and hats on a life-sized statue of William Whitner, who introduced electricity in the town. Carey Jones, the president of a nonprofit that assists maintain and refresh the city’s historic district, began the trend through leaving a jacket on the statue and asking others to help on social media.

“People that are homeless, the thing is, everything they have, they have on their back,” said Jones. Others immediately jumped on the wagon through adding their clothing to the statue. “We all have clothes that are outdated, and I’m telling you, somebody, that’s homeless, they’re really not worried about being stylish, they’re worried about being warm,” Jones added.

The “clothing drive” is now a city tradition. People take the warm clothing they need, and others drop more off.