Bay Area shoppers didn’t let the cold weather stop them from making one last gift-buying push on Christmas Eve Sunday.

“I’m about two seconds away from having an anxiety attack,” said Jade Colfield who was shopping with her brothers and dad.

Many stores closed their doors at 6 p.m., including the Union Square Macy’s, Apple, Neiman Marcus and more.

That didn’t stop some shoppers willing to shell out big bucks on Christmas Eve.

The average American this year spent $700 on gifts – others may receive.

“I got some red bottoms here and they are beautiful shoes. You put them on and there is no place like home,” beams Antino Keene who clutches shiny silver Christian Louboutins he paid almost $800 for.

Some shops like Target, Toys-R-Us and such stayed open a bit later, hoping to cash in on the ultimate procrastinators.