If you’ve been putting off renting a film, buying an app, or downloading an ebook, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s sale time on the Google Play Store (again). That means all movie rentals now cost a buck, and the same goes for three episodes from TV programs, giving you the perfect excuse to watch the stinkers you missed at the cinema (like bonkers sci-fi headrush Valerian), and the shows you’ve yet to binge. What’s more you can dive in to some peak drama with 50 percent off HBO Now for the first three months for new subscribers.

If you’re looking for some thumb-flexing gaming action, there’s up to 80 percent off premium titles, including Minecraft Story Mode season 2, Need for Speed Most Wanted, and FRAMED 2, among others. Meanwhile, popular games like Candy CrushClash of Clans, and Pokémon Go currently come with seasonal bundles on features and toys.

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